Reclaiming Desire: 2nd Annual Hamilton Photographers Rock Photography Exhibit, Steel Lounge

robin7Hamilton Photographers Rock (HPR) is hosted their 2nd Annual Photo Show: Reclaiming Desire at the Steel Lounge!

Twenty HPR members displayed photos that explored gender roles and concepts of sexuality, beauty and desire in our society.

What makes someone beautiful, sexy or desirable in your eyes? Is this personal preference or has the media and cultural influences shaped our desires in ways we may not even realize?

The show took place at Hamilton’s newest LGBTQ + ally bar, the Steel Lounge.

Hamilton Photographers Rock is a facebook group with over 2000 members which I created in 2012. Members are both professional and non-professional photographers and the philosophy of the group is to share art, support each other to improve our craft, and to help our community.

HPR has hosted photo shows and workshops for its members and been involved with community fundraisers benefiting City Kidz, Interval House, and the Ancaster Community Food Drive.

Please join HPR on facebook. For more information please email Cyndi at


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